About Tonya

Tonya is a speaker, coach & entrepreneur who works with women to discover their voice, build themselves from the inside out, become leaders in their homes and discover their life’s purpose.

Being a single mother of two, Tonya realized that she allowed her circumstances to hold her back from discovering her true life’s purpose. Experienced divorced, five job losses in four years, unhealthy relationships, financial hardships, health setbacks and balancing single motherhood really took its toll mentality, emotionally, & physically. She decided to stop being the victim and become the victor of her life and she wants the same for other women. She also empowers young ladies in high school to own their success and recognize they were born for a purpose for their lives.


Tonya serves as a speaker and coach that provides personal & professional development as well as facilitates leadership workshops. She also enjoys going back to the secondary schools to speak to high school girls about owning their success and recognizing that they were born with purpose. Tonya is the founder of ReInventU which is a personal and professional community for women and she also facilitates a 3-month program BreakUp To BreakThrough that walks women through the process of overcoming divorce and healing so they can thrive and become the best version of themselves.